I currently use a telehealth platform called Doxy ( for clients who may be appropriate for this form of therapy. Doxy is HIPAA compliant, meaning protections are in place for you and I to meet privately and securely over the internet.

I can see clients via telehealth who are residents of Florida and Virginia, the states where I am licensed. Having relocated back to Virginia, I will soon offer in-person therapy once COVID-19 is minimized in our communities.

Please note, due to the nature of EMDR therapy, working on trauma via telehealth is not available. Best practices include a therapist’s ability to monitor for distress and dissociation. EMDR is an in-person therapy method unless sessions are targeted toward treatment planning or re-evaluation only.  During assessment, we can determine if this would be appropriate for you.

If we determine that you can participate in therapy via telehealth, I will provide you a link and orientation to the check-in process and my “Waiting Room.”